• What's Superintelligence Alliance?

    On March 27, 2024, SingularityNET, the world's first decentralized Artificial Intelligence network, Fetch.ai, a Web3 platform for the new AI economy, and Ocean Protocol, a decentralized data exchange platform to protect data announced the launch of the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance. The creation of the largest open-sourced, decentralized network through a multi-billion token merger is a major step that accelerates the race to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

    Is MDT joining?

    No, this is just an April Fool's joke and Measurable Data Token ecosystem is not (at least not yet as of April 1, 2024) joining the Superintelligence Alliance. So there's no impact to Measurable Data Token current utilities and its on chain or off chain token holders .

    Then what's real?

    Measurable Data Token's vision of creating a Data Value Creation ecosystem for AI is real. More than 5 million users globally already opted in to share their everyday spending data via MDT ecosystem's consmer facing apps. The world's biggest ride hailing, food delivery and ecommerce companies, as well as top hedge funds and investment banks are subscribing to hundreds of datasets aggregated by MDT ecosystem to generate competitive intelligence, predict company growth and most importantly to train their AI models with large deidentified private datasets with users' consent.


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    April 1, 2024

    Measurable Foundation